John Cage - Six Melodies No. 3

From "MINIMAL WORKS" a CD by KHA Records.
Messiaen - Thème et variations

LIVE AT 54th Nuova Consonanza Festival

Catalogue d'hommages, a concert dedicated to Messiaen, with five world premieres. Music by Giorgio Astrei, Guido Baggiani, Omer Barash, Eliza Brown, Elisabetta Capurso, Caterina Di Cecca, Franco Evangelisti, Francesco Fournier, Paolo Marchettini and Oliver Messiaen.
David Collins “Violin Sonatas”

Sheva Contemporary (1 CD), release 3/11/17
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World Premiere Paolo Marchettini - Dialogo Nascosto

LIVE AT Milton Court (London)

Dialogo Nascosto, for violin and piano, is conceived as a dialogue between two people who are distant.
The piece tries to recreate the feelings of a dialogue of thoughts, with someone who is not physically present, but truly present in the heart. Therefore the piece should be always played with an intimate, and intense sound.
W.A. Mozart - Violin Sonata in e minor kv 304

This piece was composed in 1778, during the same period that Mozart's mother, Anna Maria Mozart, died, and the love relationship with Aloysia Weber ended badly. The sonata's mood reflects this. Infact it is the only instrumental work by Mozart whose home key is E minor and it is the only violin sonata in a minor key.

This is Christian Schubart's description of E minor key in "Ideen zu einer Aesthetik der Tonkunst" (1806): Naïve, womanly innocent declaration of love, lament without grumbling; sighs accompanied by few tears; this key speaks of the imminent hope of resolving in the pure happiness of C major.

video by Holger Lazzaro
Daniele Carnini

World Prèmiere, live at St Paul's Within the Walls in Rome, 29th Dec. 2017.
Ottorino Respighi - Violin Sonata in B minor

Live at Guildhall School of Music and Drama - 26th Feb. 2016
Catalogue d'hommages

Five pieces dedicated to Messiaen by Francesco Fournier Facio, Omer Barash, Caterina Di Cecca, Giorgio Astrei and Eliza Brown.

You can find the whole catalogue HERE.

Written for Ardorè Duo and the 54th Nuova Consonanza Festival. World Prèmiere at MACRO of Rome, 12 December 2017
Edvard Grieg - Violin Sonata No. 3

The lyric 2nd movement of Grieg Violin Sonata No. 3 is played on a Nicolò Amati violin (ex Collin 1669), at the Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi in Cremona.
Riccardo Malipiero - Sonata (1956) per violino e pianoforte

LIVE AT Milton Court (London)
In Malipiero, the dodecaphonic technique is adopted: the two instruments have thus a common language, based on a series of twelve notes. The composer in fact adopts this technique with relative freedom, being also interested in conveying his musical ideas: lyricism, humour, love for contrasts and a perseverant and expressive melodiousness through the piece is what characterize his Sonata. This approach to dodecaphony creates an intense and transparent dialogue: the motivic material presented by one instrument is often mirrored in the other, the reflection being somehow distorted: melodious lines turn into chordal accompaniment, lyrical passages become fierce and brutal. This free approach influences also the form: the second movement is a mirror with the point of symmetry located in the middle of an unexpected cold waltz. Therefore, the movement ends with its first note, but in the unfolding, the material is freely given to the instruments: violin and piano, respected in their own and peculiar characteristics, are at the same time perfectly equal in importance.
Marco Quagliarini - Ricercare II

UK Prèmiere, live at Guildhall School of Music and Drama - 26th Feb. 2016
Domenico Turi - Tre piccoli pezzi

Live at Accademia Praenestre 10th April 2015



Ardorè Duo was nominated best young ensemble of the 54th Festival of Nuova Consonanza 


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